How Do You Knit a Slouch Hat?


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To knit a slouch hat, use yarn to tie a slipknot around the anchor peg of a round loom, and cast the loom with a basic e-wrap before creating a simple one-over-two stitch. Continue the one-over-two stitch pattern, narrowing the shape until the hat is finished.

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Choose the color and thickness of yarn to your liking, and select a round loom large enough to create the size of hat you need. You can also use a knitting tool or needle to help secure the stitches tightly.

The yarn on the loom makes up the brim of the slouch hat. As the pattern continues, move higher and higher on the round loom's pegs until the yarn moves off it. When about 15 to 20 loops have been finished, fold the pattern over, and reattach it to the loom to create the brim.

When the hat is long enough, remove the entire piece from the round loom, including the anchored slipknot. Next, pull the slipknot tight until the open-ended piece that was removed from the round loom has come together. Pulling creates the narrowing shape of the slouch hat. Once the slipknot is pulled tight, fasten it securely to finish the hat.

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