How Do You Knit Short Rows?


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To knit short rows, knit up to the last three stitches on the existing row. Insert the right needle purlwise into the next stitch, and slip onto the needle. Bring the yarn to the front, and slip onto the left needle. Turn the work, and bring the yarn to the front to complete the wrap. Short-row wrap the next indicated stitch, and continue until all the short row shaping is complete. Knit the final two rows with the wrapped stitch.

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The Japanese method uses less yarn and is suited to details such as heels and toes on socks. Work the stitches to the turning point, and turn the work. Place a removable marker on the turning yarn; split-ring markers, safety pins and waste yarn all work well. To close the gap, slip the stitch before the turning yarn, lift the marker, and place the turning yarn on the right needle. Transfer the slipped stitch onto the left needle, and work the yarn together with the next stitch.

Short rows can help to accommodate busts when knitting garments. When knitting a sweater, begin bust shaping approximately 1 inch from the armhole shaping. Use short rows to create a pouch at the front of the garment.

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