How Do You Knit on a Round Loom?


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When knitting on a round loom, create a simple slipknot and use a knitting tool to extend the slipknot's loop from peg to peg until the every peg on the round loom has been covered. Continue this knitting pattern until a solid piece has been created.

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How Do You Knit on a Round Loom?
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Secure the yarn to the loom using the loom's anchor pegs. When the yarn has been secured, cast the loom with a simple e-wrap pattern by wrapping the yarn in loops that resemble lower case e's around each of the round loom's pegs. The yarn can loop either clockwise or counter-clockwise around the pegs, but the piece as a whole should move clockwise. Continue the e-wrap pattern around the round loom and then knot the yarn back on the anchor peg.

Once the e-wrap pattern has been cast over the loom, select a finishing pattern. One of the most popular patterns is the one-over-two, which calls for two loops around each peg with one of the loops knit off over the top of the other. Be careful not to wrap the yarn too tightly around the loom, which may cause the final product to be damaged when removed, or too loosely, which may cause the pattern to fall off. A knitting tool is useful for tightening and securing the pattern to the round loom.

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