How Do You Knit a Purl Barred Scallop Pattern?

A pearl-barred scallop pattern must be knit in a multiple of 14 stitches plus one additional stitch and incorporates purl stitches, knit stitches, yarn overs, knit two togethers and slip slip knits. The pattern is 12 rows per repeat.

Beginner knitters may need to first familiarize themselves with the stitches featured in the pattern. The stitches are all common and can be found in any knitting guide or stitch encyclopedia. Once they are confident in their ability to execute the stitches individually, they can begin on the pearl-bared scallop pattern.

Knitters can repeat the following 12 -row pattern for the pearl-barred scallop stitch until desired length is reached. Rows one, three, five, seven, nine and 12 are purl rows, meaning knitters will do only purl stitches for the entirety of the row. Rows two, four, six, eight and 10 all begin with one knit stitch. After that, the following should be repeated until the end of the row: yarn over, knit three stitches, slip slip knit, yarn over, slip one and knit two together, pass slip stitch over, yarn over, knit two together, knit three, yarn over, knit one.

Though the pattern may seem intimidating to beginners, the repetition in the even numbered rows means they will only have to learn one pattern. Row 11 is a knit row, meaning knitters will knit all the stitches.