How Do You Knit a Prayer Shawl?


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To knit a prayer shawl, cast on the required number of stitches, and use garter stitches, increasing four stitches in alternate rows to make a triangle-shaped shawl. Finally, bind off and weave in the yarn tails.

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How Do You Knit a Prayer Shawl?
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Begin making a prayer shawl by casting on 12 stitches. For the starting row, knit three and place marker, knit two and place marker thrice, knit one and slip two. For the next row, knit throughout until the final two stitches and slip two. For all slip stitches, keep the yarn in front.

To make the shawl's body, knit three, slip marker and yarn over, knit two, yarn over and slip marker, knit two, slip marker and yarn over, knit two and yarn over, knit one, and slip two. This row should have 16 stitches.

For the second row, knit throughout until the14th stitch, and slip two. For the third row, repeat as for the first one, but knit four in place of the first and third knit twos. This row should have 20 stitches. For the fourth row, knit until the 18th stitch and slip two. Repeat the pattern while increasing four stitches in every other row until the pattern attains the desired width.

To bind off, knit one, yarn over, knit one, and pass the first two stitches over and to the left of the third one. Again yarn over and knit one and pass these in a similar manner over the stitch that remains. Repeat till the row ends.

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