How Do You Knit an Infinity Scarf?


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Knit an infinity scarf on a round or board knitting loom. You need a loom, a loom hook, a needle and yarn for the project.

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  1. Choose the yarn and length for the infinity scarf

    Choose the yarn color and thickness for the scarf. Wool and thick wool yarns are popular and available at most craft stores. Decide how long the scarf will be. This is entirely a personal choice and depends on how many times the scarf will be wrapped. Write down the desired length of the scarf.

  2. Cast the yarn onto the loom

    Cast the yarn onto the round or board loom using a cast-on or e-wrap stitch. For a thicker scarf, e-wrap the yarn all the way around the loom or from one side to the other on a loom board. If a specific width is desired for the infinity scarf, wrap only the pegs desired to reach the width measurement.

  3. Wrap and knit the yarn for the desired length of the scarf

    Continue wrapping and knitting off the e-wrap stitches on the loom. Measure the length of the scarf occasionally to ensure the desired length is reached. When the desired length for the scarf is reached, it is time to cast off the project from the loom.

  4. Cast off, and connect the scarf

    Cast off the yarn from the loom by moving the yarn from one peg to the next peg over and knitting off that peg. Do this until all pegs are knitted off the loom. Using a darning needle, connect the ends of the scarf together. This creates the infinite loop known as the infinity scarf.

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