How Do You Knit Fingerless Gloves?

How Do You Knit Fingerless Gloves?

To knit fingerless gloves, cast the required number of stitches on the knitting needle, and use a combination of knit and purl stitches to create a pattern of the required length. Fold the pattern, and stitch the side, leaving an opening for the thumb.

To knit the fingerless gloves, use knitting needles of size 7, along with 100 percent woollen yarn. Begin knitting the fingerless gloves by casting 38 stitches. If desired, increase or decrease the number of stitches casted, depending on the final pattern size required.

To create the first row, knit and purl two stitches each alternatively until reaching the end of the row. Ensure that a knit stitch ends the row. For the second row, start with two purl stitches, and alternate it with two knit stitches. Continue until reaching the end of the row, finishing with two purl stitches.

Use the first and second row patterns alternatively to form a 7-inch long piece. Bind the piece loosely, hold its ribbing vertical and fold it in half. Stitch the open side 1 inch from the top and 3 inches from the bottom, using a sewing machine or doing it by hand. This leaves a 3-inch long gap for the thumb.

Finish the pattern by weaving in the loose threads, using a blunt or tapestry needle.