How Do You Knit a Dish Rag?

How Do You Knit a Dish Rag?

To knit a dish rag, cast the required number of stitches on the knitting needle, and use a combination of knit and purl stitches to complete the pattern. Continue knitting until the pattern attains the desired size and finish by binding off.

Use one skein of worsted cotton yarn and knitting needles of size 8.5 millimeter to make the dish rag. Begin the pattern by casting 32 stitches on the needle. For the entire first row, use knit stitches to work with all the cast stitches.

For the second row, knit and purl four stitches each in that order, and alternatively until the row ends. Make three more rows in a similar fashion. For the sixth row, start with four purl stitches, and alternate with four knit stitches until the row ends. Repeat the sixth row thrice. The basket weave on the pattern should now become obvious.

Repeat the pattern from the second till the ninth row thrice to make a dish rag that is seven to nine inches long, depending on how tight or loose the stitches are. If desired, continue the pattern to make a longer dish rag.

Finish the pattern by making knit stitches in the last row, and binding off the stitches. Snip the yarn leaving a tail, and weave it in the pattern using a blunt needle.