How Do You Knit a Beanie Hat?

To knit a basic beanie, use about 100 yards of yarn in the desired color and a pair of size nine knitting needles. Work in knit-one, purl-one ribbing and then move on to stockinette stitch, ending in a purl row.

For a basic beanie hat, medium-weight yarn works best. Choose the desired colors and weight to make a warm, stretchy hat. Follow the instructions below to craft a basic beanie.

  1. Cast on 74 stitches
  2. Begin by casting on 74 stitches on the same needle.

  3. Work in knit-one purl-one ribbing
  4. Knit the first and second rows and then alternate knitting one stitch and purling one stitch for the third and fourth rows. Continue this pattern until the hat measures 10 inches in height. End with a purl row.

  5. Knit the next row
  6. On the next row, knit two stitches together across, leaving 37 stitches remaining.

  7. Finish the hat
  8. For the next row, knit two stitches together across and end with a knit stitch. There is a total of 19 stitches left.

  9. Thread the final piece of yarn
  10. Cut a 12-inch piece of yarn and thread it on a yarn needle. Pull the last row of knitting off the needle, threading the needle through each stitch. Pull it tightly and, using a whip stitch, sew the seam shut.