How Do You Knit Baby Bonnets?

How Do You Knit Baby Bonnets?

A simple way to knit a baby bonnet is to create a 5-inch square of knitting using the garter stitch, and then sew the edges together in the shape of a hat. This requires are 4.5-mm knitting needles, one ball of yarn or wool, a thick sewing needle and scissors.

Begin by casting on 44 stitches. To cast on, make a circle with the yarn using the finger and thumb. Insert the knitting needle into the circle and wrap the string of yarn around the end of the needle.

Next, knit rows using the garter stitch until the project is approximately 5 inches, which should be approximately 60 rows. To do the garter stitch, hold the knitting needle with the knitting on it under the left arm, and hold the other knitting needle with the right hand. Put the right knitting needle through the end stitch on the left needle. When the needle is through the stitch, wrap the yarn around the right needle using the finger and thumb. After that, pull the needle off through the stitch on the left side.

The next step is to cast off the stitches from the needles, leaving a clean edge. In order to do this, insert the empty needle into the last two stitches on the needle with the knitting. Next, use the needle to pull the second stitch over the one at the end of the row and onto the other needle. Continue until only two stitches remain on the needle. Cut the yarn and use the end to seal the remaining stitches and tie a knot in the end.

Finally, take the square of knitting, fold it in half so the neat edge runs along the top, and sew the two open sides together.