How Do You Knit a '70s Ski Hat?


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In order for a 1970s ski hat to be made, 120 cast-on stitches should be made and the rest of the stitches should be made in the round until the triangular shape at the top of the head is reached. The hat is generally made working from two different sides until they come together at the apex of the triangles where they will be joined together. Most ski hats in the 1970s were made of several different colors of yarn.

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The first round of stitches should be made out of the main color of the hat. Seven rows of this should be made. The next color should be cast-on, and it should be knitted on for five rows with a row of purling in between. The rest of the colors can be added in strip es to reach the desired pattern. The top half of the hat should always be the main color to match the bottom band. The rounds should always match up and should look somewhat seamless on the horizontal. Number 7 needles should be used throughout the entire project. Number 7 needles allow the knitter to create a 20-inch hat that will fit an average man's head.

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