What Are Some Kitchen Towel Crafts?


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A braided dog toy and a small drawstring bag are two crafts you can make using kitchen towels. You only need three kitchen towels and a pair of scissors to make a braided dog toy. The drawstring bag is more complicated, as it requires sewing. You need one kitchen towel, twill tape, and a drawstring cord or ribbon to make it.

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For the braided dog toy, begin by cutting two thin strips from the longer side of two of the three kitchen towels to use as ties. Use one of the ties to securely tie together the shorter ends of all three towels about 1 inch above their rims. Braid the three towels together and use the second tie to tightly secure the other end about 1 inch from the rims of the towels.

For the drawstring bag, begin by folding the kitchen towel in half lengthwise. Make sure you fold the towel so that the better side of it is on the inside. Stitch the two sides together where the towel rims meet, leaving the top open. Once sewn, turn the bag inside out so that the better side is facing outwards.

Cut a piece of twill tape to fit along the outer rim of the top opening for both sides of the bag. Sew the twill tape to the bag so that it forms a channel to pull the drawstring through on each side. Thread a drawstring cord or ribbon through both twill tape channels, allowing the two ends to meat at the outer edge of the bag. To determine the length of your drawstring, add 30 centimeters to the total amount of twill tape you used to create the two channels. Tie each loose end of your drawstring into a knot to prevent it from fraying.

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