How Do I Get Kirlia to Evolve, but Not Into Gardevoir, in "Pokemon Platinum"?


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A Kirlia evolves into a Gallade only if it is male and exposed to a Dawn Stone. Otherwise, Kirlia evolves into Gardevoir at level 30.

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In Pok?mon Platinum, Dawn Stones are not sold in any store, but three are found around the game world. One is a hidden item in a swamp near Pastoria City on Route 212. Another is on top of a ledge on the north end of Route 225, which requires the move "Rock Climb" to reach. The last Dawn Stone is in the southeast corner on the first floor of the southern cavern in Mt. Coronet, which requires the move "Surf." Alternately, a Pok?mon with the Pickup ability has a chance to pick up a Dawn Stone after battle if it is at least level 41.

Gallade was not available in the Generation III Pok?mon games when Kirlia and Gardevoir were introduced, but instead made its debut in Generation IV. Gallade is a Psychic/Fighting-type Pok?mon, while Gardevoir is a Psychic/Fairy type. Their base statistics are equal, but their Attack and Special Attack stats are reversed: Gallade has a higher Attack stat, while Gardevoir has a higher Special Attack stat. The majority of the moves that Gallade learns are Normal-type physically damaging moves, while Gardevoir learns purely Psychic-type special and status-affecting moves.

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