What Are the Kings Cup Rules?


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King's Cup is a drinking game that uses playing cards to determine who should take the next drink and how much they should drink. The game always involves a community "King's Cup" in the center of the playing area that the losing player must drink at the end of the game. The rules regarding specific tasks assigned to individual playing cards can vary from one version to the next.

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What Are the Kings Cup Rules?
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In most games of King's Cup, drawing an ace indicates a "waterfall," in which the player starts to drink and everyone follows suit. No one can stop drinking until the player ahead of him or her stops. A two means the player chooses one person to drink. A three means the player who drew has to drink. Drawing a four means all the women at the table must drink.

If the player draws a five, the rules can vary. In some versions, the player does a dance move that players around the table must copy and add to, and the player who can't complete the routine has to drink. In other versions, the player starts a rhyme that others must add to.

When the player draws a six, all the men must drink. When a seven is drawn, all the players must raise their hands. The last player to do so drinks. In an alternate version, the last player to raise a hand must have a thumb war with the player who drew the card. When the card is an eight, the player picks someone else to drink. For a nine, either the rhyming game is played, or the player adds something to the cup, which the next player has to drink.

When the card is a 10, the player plays a quick game of "categories," a game in which each player has to say an item in a category the drawer chooses. The player who fails to do so must drink. In an alternate version, a 10 means that the player can draw a new card.

When a jack is drawn, the player starts a game of "never have I ever," in which a player tells the group something the player has never done, and all those who have done that thing must drink. In other versions, the player makes a new rule for the game after drawing a jack. A queen means the player can ask a question of anyone in the group. Drawing a king means the player has to pour some of their drink into the community cup.

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