Who Is King Boo?


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King Boo is an enemy character in "Luigi's Mansion" and other Mario games. He is often the boss in a stage, since he is larger and more powerful than the other Boos, common ghostly enemies of Mario and Luigi.

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Who Is King Boo?
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In "Luigi's Mansion," King Boo is the final boss and commands the other Boos Luigi has been fighting throughout the game to rescue Mario. He also appears as a boss in "Super Mario Sunshine," where he can be defeated by tossing chili peppers into his mouth, and he's a boss in "Super Princess Peach." In the "Mario Kart" and "Mario Baseball" series of games, he is often a playable character.

King Boo dislikes Mario and Luigi and sometimes works with another Mario villain, Bowser, to defeat the Mario brothers. He usually wears a crown and often has powers based on the number of other Boos in his vicinity.

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