What Kinds of Toys Does Damhorst Offer?


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Damhorst Toys offers wooden name stools that come in small, large and specialty varieties as well as board puzzles. The company also manufactures stuffed animals, automoblox cars, Hebrew baby gifts and blocks.

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Damhorst wooden name stools are puzzle stools that have removable letters that fit in the grooves on the top of the stool. Damhorst allows customized engravings on the bottom of each stool, such as a child's birth information or a personal message. The large name puzzle stool in primary colors is made using Ponderosa pine wood. This stool has a limit of 14 letters and stands 9 inches tall. The stool is finished using non-toxic, water-based ingredients and is available with or without knots.

Damhorst offers a variety of blocks such as engraved letter blocks, personalized birth blocks and personalized Christmas blocks. The personalized birth block comes gift-wrapped. Each side of the block contains the baby's name, weight, time of birth and date of birth. Other sides of the block list the baby's parents as well as a message from the person giving the block.

Damhorst makes both name trains and number trains. The number train consists of interlocking number blocks. The blocks are 4 inches tall and are made using Maple Euro-Plywood. Users can hang the blocks on the wall or set the blocks on a table or dresser for display. The name trains allow for up 13 letters and spell out a child's name.

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