What Kinds of RC Model Airplanes Does Seagull Make?


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The collection of radio-controlled model planes from Seagull includes bi-planes, gliders, bombers, Cessnas and other small propeller planes and seaplanes. Seagull creates planes modeled after recreational, commercial and war planes. Some, like the Spacewalker II, have open cockpits while others have closed cockpits that seat a pilot or pilot and co-pilot either side by side or front to back.

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The radio-controlled, or RC, airplane collection from Seagull contains historic model planes and modern planes, like the Cessna 152. One of Seagull's main categories of model planes is sailplanes, also called gliders. Gliders have a minimal design, with a long wingspan and narrow body. Despite having a relatively simple mechanical construction, they require some expertise for radio-controlled flying. Gliders generally fly slowly, but can achieve speeds of motorized RC planes with the right winds and air conditions. In Seagull's collection, the Angel 2000 represents the glider family.

In addition to high-wing planes like gliders, which are easier to fly, Seagull has a large collection of low-wing planes. This category includes many World War II era fighting planes, such as the Edge 540 L, AT6 Texan, Skyraider Bee and Spacewalker II EP. These planes carry most of their weight over the wings, which makes them top-heavy and somewhat difficult to fly.

Seagull planes also vary in assembly time and difficulty. Some come ready to fly, while others require minimal assembly. Expert flyers can also find some in kits, ready to be built from scratch.

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