What Kinds of Products Are Sold by Tower Hobbies?


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Tower Hobbies sells components, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of radio-controlled cars, trucks, boats, helicopters and planes. Tower Hobbies also offers tools and building supplies that are necessary to the hobby of transport modelling.

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Tower Hobbies has a large inventory of modelling products. It has standard radio-controlled kits for any number of vehicles, among which are boats, airplanes, multirotors and helicopters. These kits contain everything required to build the models, with some kits offering pre-built or ready-to-fly models. Tower Hobbies also sells a large quantity of components and accessories for each of the different vehicle types, from engines and batteries to exterior materials such as paint and decals.

Tower Hobbies also sells building supplies and tools for putting transport modelling kits together. This company offers hand and power tools, materials such as wood and metal, and putties and fillers for finishing. Tower Hobbies also sells diagnostic tools for times when a model is ready to be used in the field. The company offers vehicle lubricants, carrying cases and an array of materials for testing batteries. Tower Hobbies also sells transport modelling books, manuals, computer software and diagnostic tools to make the hobby of modelling a more enjoyable experience.

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