What Kinds of Pets Can You Adopt on Webkinz?

What Kinds of Pets Can You Adopt on Webkinz?

As of February 2015, the types of pets that can be adopted on Webkinz are Retirement Pets, Rockerz Pets, CandyKinz Collection Pets, Adventure Park Pets, Zodiac Pets, Birthstone Pets, Signature Pets, Pet of the Month, Classic Online Pets and Exclusive Online Pets. Webkinz also offers Seasonal Pets, Trading Card Promo Pets, Employee Christmas Pets, Store Exclusive Pets, Promo Kinz Pets and Demo Pets.

Webkinz are digital pets that can be purchased in United States dollars or in E-Store points that players can use for playing, interacting and engaging in any other activities in the Webkinz virtual world. Each adopted pet comes with a special item that the players can also use in-game, as well as virtual food to feed their Webkinz pet.

As of February 2015, Webkinz has released more than 490 pets, although some of these pets have been retired. Some of these pets also have real-life plush toys, while those that are bought from the Ganz eStore are only available in virtual form and are not available as plush toys. Another version of the Webkinz pets are called Lil'Kinz, which are essentially smaller versions of the Webkinz pets.

The following are some of the types of pets that can be adopted on Webkinz.

  • Aardvark
  • American Buffalo
  • Amethyst Hound
  • Bubblegumasaurus
  • Ferret
  • Jelly Bean Puppy
  • Minty Reindeer
  • Pinktastic Peacock
  • Sabertooth Tiger
  • Signature Portuguese Waterdog
  • Yellow Springtime Chick