What Kinds of Kids' Games Does DreamBox Offer?


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DreamBox is an Internet-based teaching and learning platform that includes a variety of interactive math games intended for learners between kindergarten and eighth grade. Available in English and Spanish, the games focus on developing key math concepts that connect to grade-appropriate assessment exams.

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The DreamBox curriculum aligns with the Ontario Curriculum, Western and Northern Canadian Protocol, Common Core State Standards, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, and the Virginia Public Schools Standards of Learning. Students can take part in nearly 1,800 different lessons through DreamBox's curriculum, and games adjust to a learner's present skill level even as the student is playing a game. The software adjusts elements such as question pace, question difficulty, sequence of questions and type of hints. Accordingly, DreamBox offers differentiated instruction while also providing in-depth reporting. Progress can be measured and demonstrated for an entire class, a student group or an individual learner, and reports analyze multiple aspects of improvement including proficiency by concept and proficiency by assessment standards.

DreamBox Learning, Inc. is a three-time winner of the Parents' Choice Award.DreamBox. It is one of the most important growth-stage companies in education, says Tyton Partners, an investment banking and strategy consulting firm that advises organizations and investors in the area of global knowledge.

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