What Kinds of Games Does "Purble Place" Offer for Kids?

What Kinds of Games Does "Purble Place" Offer for Kids?

The "Purble Place" for Windows offers three games including "Comfy Cakes," a pattern-recognition game, "Purple Shop" and "Purble Pairs," both of which are visual memory games. The games on Purble Place aim to help young children practice their visual cognition skills.

"Purble Place" is a collection of three mini-games for children. The game was released in 2009 and was included in Windows Vista and Windows 7 software packages.

The "Purble Shop" mini-game encourages visual memory and matching skills. Players are presented with a simplistic animated character and a selection of different cartoon eyes, noses and mouths. The player's goal is to select the facial features that match the features on the character.

"Comfy Cakes" operates on a similar principle. This game is set in a cartoon cake factory. In the upper left corner of the screen, players are shown a cake composed of several different colored layers. Players must then recreate the displayed cake by selecting different colors of batter and icing and dropping them onto the cake as it moves across a conveyor belt.

"Purble Pairs" is a basic memory game. Players are presented with a grid of tiles that each correspond to an image. By clicking a tile, players can view the image beneath it; however, only two images may be seen at once. The player's goal is to find a duplicate of each image.