What Kinds of Games Are on the Nick Junior Website?


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The Nick Jr. website contains numerous educational and informative games featuring the characters that appear in the network's various programs, as of 2015. Many of the games on the site involve simple clicking mechanics meant to present a low difficulty level for younger players.

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Nick Jr. is part of the Nickelodeon cable network and specializes in programming targeted towards children in preschool and kindergarten, such as "Dora the Explorer." These shows focus on teaching children different aspects of life, education, science, mathematics and language. As such, the games on the site focus on similar themes and topics. The games also star the various characters from these shows in order to further the lessons in each program.

One example of a game on the site is "Mermaid Treasure Hunt," which stars Dora from the show "Dora the Explorer." The game presents the player with a recycling scavenger hunt that takes place across various locations, beginning with a beach covered in waste. The player needs to click on different piles of sand in order to clean the beach and locate the various items on the scavenger hunt list. In terms of its educational value, the game teaches children about the importance of recycling and preserving natural resources.

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