What Kinds of Games Does Disney Junior Offer for Kids?


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Disney Junior offers many different types of games for kids, all of which take inspiration from different programs on the Disney network. Many of the games focus on basic educational concepts, such as reading or mathematics, as well as recreating real-life games and activities.

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The main games page on the DisneyJunior.com site contains several categories that allow the user to view games associated with popular characters from different Disney shows. Some of these categories include games that feature Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Jake the Pirate, Handy Manny and the Octonauts. Clicking on any of these sections games loads a page that displays all games that star the character in question. The page also offers a browsable list of all the games on the site.

Once a user clicks on the icon for a specific game, she is able to view that game's page. Each game page contains the game itself and a link to other similar games. For example, the page for the game "Puttin' Pirates" contains a link to other games that feature the characters from the show, "Jake and the Neverland Pirates." This game is an example of one that recreates an actual game, as it allows the player to play mini golf using the show's characters and settings as a backdrop.

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