What Kinds of Games Are Available Online to Help Kids With Math?


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Some online math games for kids include “Mathman 2” and “Multiplying Fractions Snowsprint.” Both games are available to play for free with no need for download.

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In “Mathman 2,” players take control of Mathman as he battles aliens. They use the arrow keys to move Mathman around the screen. Each alien spaceship has a math problem on it with a list of possible answers below it. Players have to direct Mathman to the correct answer to destroy the alien ship. As the player builds up Mathman's special ability, they can press the space bar to freeze time. At the start of the game, players can set the maximum result for the equations. For example, if they choose 10, none of the equations equal more than 10. However, this also means that they only get 10 points per alien spaceship that they destroy.

“Multiplying Fractions Snowsprint” is an online game in which gamers can play with others from around the world. If no gamers are playing, they can also face off against computer-controlled opponents. The goal is to race around the track on the snowmobile and come in first place. Players get a boost of speed for every fraction equation that they answer correctly.

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