What Kinds of Currency Does Colonial Acres Coins Offer?


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Colonial Acres Coins deals primarily in currency items issued by the Royal Canadian, Royal Australian, British Royal, New Zealand and U.S. mints. These include historical currency items, such as older coins and numismatic offerings, and commemorative or limited-edition proofs.

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Currency offered by Colonial Acres Coins includes a large selection of coins of many different denominations. The company carries Canadian coins ranging in face value from 1 cent to $2 or more, and older coins from around the world offered by Colonial Acres Coins often have historical significance that increases the value to far more than the listed denomination. The selection of currency items available at Colonial Acres Coins varies based on inventory levels.

The company also carries many related items of numismatic interest. Items available from Colonial Acres Coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint include gold collector's sets and commemorative coins from the Olympics. Dated British Royal Mint items include deluxe proof sets, and collectible currency featuring animals and historical figures created by the Royal Australian Mint is available. Some Colonial Acres Coins items from the New Zealand Mint are the collectible Spider-Man coin and the Year of the Snake collectible offerings. U.S. quarters featuring the states and dollar coins commemorating the country's presidents are also available.

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