What kinds of craft supplies does Create and Craft offer?


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Create and Craft offers many arts and craft products, including materials for sewing, knitting, making jewelry and baking. It also has an extensive stock of art supplies, papercrafting materials and holiday-themed supplies for making hobbies more enjoyable.

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Create and Craft has many supplies and tools available for purchase. The company sells sewing machines, needles and thread, as well as a variety of patterns and accessories for sewing and knitting. Create and Craft also sells various beads, pendants and kits for making jewelry. The retailer's art supplies for sale include materials for drawing, sketching and painting, among others. There is also an extensive supply of papercrafting, stamping and scrapbooking materials that are also purchasable. Create and Craft has storage options for most materials and how-to books for detailed instruction and inspiration.

Besides being an online retailer, Create and Craft also airs a live television program showcasing products that it sells, with live demonstrations on how to make various projects. Create and Craft also offers Craft Academy, an online video archive, which features introductions to arts and crafts techniques, along with the materials and products that are associated with them.

Additionally, Create and Craft provides a section of its website devoted to creating projects, with detailed instructions, material lists and the estimated time needed to complete the projects.

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