What Kinds of Annual Events Happen at the Santa Anita Race Track?

What Kinds of Annual Events Happen at the Santa Anita Race Track?

Santa Anita Park hosts annual food contests, such as the Winner's Circle BBQ Championships, and car shows, such as the Cal-Rods Car Show, as of 2015. Annual races that take place at the park include the Santa Anita Derby, the Santa Anita Handicap and the Santa Anita Sprint Championship Stakes.

The Winner's Circle BBQ Championships is a competition with barbecue food. Spectators use tickets to purchase food and help decide the champion. The event also features live music, and spectators can wager on horse racing while there.

The Cal-Rods Car Show is an exhibition that features classic and custom cars. The Cal-Rods Car Club, which was created in 1954, sets up the event.

Opened on Dec. 25, 1934, Santa Anita Park is located in Arcadia, California. The first Santa Anita Handicap occurred in February 1935, and it earned the nickname Big Cap due to its $100,000 prize. The race track was the first to use starting gates and photo finishes. Seabiscuit won the 1940 Santa Anita Handicap in his last start, which led to multiple movies about the horse.

Several movies, including "A Day at the Races," "The Story of Seabiscuit" and "Seabiscuit," were filmed at Santa Anita Park. It is a common location for filming due to its close proximity to Los Angeles.