What Kind of Yarn Is Used for a "scrubbie"?


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Scrubbies can be made from cotton yarn, plarn, tulle, nylon yarn or strips of nylon netting. If crocheted, handcrafted scrubbies can be laundered in the washing machine.

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Natural fiber cotton scrubbies tend to be soft and suited for cleaning lightly soiled dishes and surfaces. Plarn is made from a combination of cotton yarn and plastic grocery sacks and creates a scrubbie with a durable scrubbing surface. Tulle yarn makes the most durable scrubbie, suited for tough cleaning project and heavily soiled pots and pans. Nylon scrubbies are also good for cleaning heavily soiled pots and pans, with scrubbies made from nylon netting being the most effective at scraping crusted on food off of cooking surfaces.

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