What Kind of Silk Flowers Are Available at Hobby Lobby?

What Kind of Silk Flowers Are Available at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby has silk flower leis, confetti, accents for scrap-booking and wristlets available for sale. They offer a more extensive selection of fabric stems and bouquet flowers in polyester, burlap and denim.

It is tradition to call artificial flowers by the term "silk flowers," since they were originally manufactured using silk and silk blends, according to Hibiscus Florals. However, it is rare to find real silk flowers used in craft stores. Most artificial flowers are made with less expensive, more durable materials.

This is likely why there are so few silk flowers available through Hobby Lobby, even though their stores feature large Bridal and Floral departments. The silk flowers that are available are more likely to be those used in special garment accessories and scrap-booking. For instance, silk flower leis and wristlets are popular for use at Hawaiian Luaus. These leis contain blooms meant to resemble tropical flowers in bright, intense colors.

Hobby Lobby also sells loose silk flowers as accents for scrapbooks. These blooms may feature a central hole for string, thumbtacks or even decorative rhinestones. Confetti flowers are similar, but meant for scattering around a party area.

Hobby Lobby's floral section includes a few aisles of stem flowers for bouquets. There are quite a few different styles modeled after real flower species, such as zinnias, daisies, orchids, mums and roses.