What Kind of Science Toys Can You Buy for Kids?

Some good science toys for kids include the Big Bucket of Science, Pop Top Rockets, My First Super Science Kit and Air Stream Machines, according to Steve Spangler Science. Other good science toys include Snap Circuits Green, Kinetic Sand and Instant Snow Day.

The Big Bucket of Science is a bucket filled with Spangler Labs' science toys, including Jelly Marbles, Energy Beads and Insta-Snow. The kit offers kids that chance to perform scientific experiments and explore the world. My First Super Science Kit is a similar toy, offering 70 experiments for children along with detailed instructions.

Pop Top Rockets teaches kids about the chemical reactions that power the rockets in the kit. The kit contains more than 20 activities for children, each offering the opportunity to learn basic chemistry. Air Stream Machines come with instructions and building pieces to create an air-powered car, hovercraft or eight other potential air-powered creations.

Snap Circuits Green offers kids the opportunity to learn about circuitry, environmental practices and energy sources. Kinetic Sand is sand that moves by itself as kids play and work with it – without leaving a mess behind. Instant Snow Day teaches children about the atmospheric process by which snow forms.