What Kind of Lion Games Are Available Online?


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"Lion Escape Game," "Fruit Bounce" and "Lion Ride" are a few lion games available online. These games are available to play for free at Africa-Games.com.

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In "Lion Escape Game," the players find themselves in a cage with a sleeping lion. Players must find a way to escape the cage without waking up the lion. Players move items and look inside and outside the cage for things to aid in their escape. This game requires the players to think logically and use items to accomplish a variety of tasks.

"Fruit Bounce" is a game of angles. The goal of the game is to feed the lions. The players shoot apples at the lions with the trunk of an elephant. Each round offers a certain number of lions to feed in different locations. Players must use walls and the ceilings as places to bounce the apples off and redirect them towards the hungry lions. This game offers many levels that get progressively more difficult.

"Lion Ride" takes place in an amusement park, where players must help a lion ride its bike and perform a variety of tricks. The lion rides across the screen and flies through the air between ramps. Players need to help the lion obtain enough speed to get up the ramp and over the empty space without flipping its bike.

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