What Kind of Jokes Are Appropriate at Church Camp?


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The types of jokes that are typically appropriate at a church camp may include stories that play on common experiences in the church, such as children interpreting scriptures or lessons differently. They should also be age and audience appropriate, meaning they avoid subject matter that the camp councilors or religion deems unacceptable.

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What Kind of Jokes Are Appropriate at Church Camp?
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Many jokes appropriate for a church camp may use a common setting as the premise, such as a sermon or Sunday school lesson. For example, Guy-Sports.com offers a joke wherein a Sunday school teacher asks the children to name a power higher than kings and queens, to which a child replies with aces, thinking of playing cards instead of literal kings and queens. These types of jokes allow the audience to relate, as they are likely both familiar with the concept of Sunday school and the precocious nature of children.

As most church camps feature children of many different ages, it is best to avoid any jokes that cover mature topics such as sex and alcohol, as well as topics that may be difficult for the children to understand. Instead, the jokes can focus on family relations, such as brothers and sisters not getting along. One example from Ministry-To-Children.com features a child who cites the Commandment about not committing murder as the one that explains how to treat brothers and sisters. Though slightly morbid, it still plays on common and relatable experiences while also using concepts from the religion.

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