What Kind of Information Do Thread Conversion Charts Have?


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Thread conversion charts typically provide all the information needed to find matching or similar thread colors between two or more brands of thread. Online conversion charts usually include color swatches for reference, the color names and numbers for each brand, and the thread materials, such as polyester and rayon.

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Thread conversion charts are a convenient resource for those looking to match a color from one thread brand to a thread color produced by one or more different brands. Numerous charts are available online at Needlepointers.com, EmbroideryDesigns.com and TheThreadExchange.com. The exact information provided in thread conversion charts varies by website, but generally, the charts show a comparison of multiple brands, color names, thread or Pantone numbers, and thread materials. Some charts also feature the red-green-blue value for each color listed.

Needlepointers.com provides an extensive list of thread conversion charts that covers a wide range of brands. In some cases, it is more efficient to use modern thread conversion tools, such as those included in the Needlepointers.com list and the utility featured on EmbroideryDesigns.com, which help narrow down chart information based on the search criteria. To use any kind of thread conversion chart effectively or to search with a conversion tool, users must have the basic information for at least one type of thread, including brand name, thread number and thread material.

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