What Kind of Games Does Game 2 Kids Have?

What Kind of Games Does Game 2 Kids Have?

Game categories on Game 2 Kids include fight, shooting, basketball, sport and adventure. A full list of game categories is available on Game2Kids.com, as of July 2015.

Visitors to the Game2Kids.com home page can click on Show All under the All heading to view all the game categories. The home page features the site's new games, hot games and trending games. Category pages feature all the games in that category; certain games belong to multiple categories. The site also has a search bar.

Each game page has a description of the game and its controls. Users can rate each game on a five-star scale. The game page has links users can click on to like or share the game on Facebook. Links to similar games are available on the game page.

Every game page also has a light bulb icon, a computer screen icon and an icon with two arrows. The light bulb icon dims the rest of the screen, while keeping the game section bright. The computer screen icon expands the size of the game. The icon with two arrows refreshes the game.

The site has both one- and two-player games. One player can play two player games, as two players aren't required. The games typically use keyboard controls. Two-player games have separate keys for each player to control his character.