What Kind of Games Can You Play Online at Candystand.com?

Candystand.com features games from a wide array of genres, including sports games, arcade games, puzzle games, racing games and card games, as of 2015. The site also rewards the players with the highest scores in certain games with prizes, such as gift cards or electronics.

Each game on Candystand.com contains different instructions and goals depending on its genre and structure. For example, the arcade game, "Hot Tub Heist," requires players to use the arrow keys to move the character out of a hot tub and collect coins while avoiding attacking aliens. In this game, pressing the space bar allows the character to break free from an attacking bubble and perform a roundhouse kick. Other games use varying combinations of keyboard and mouse input to control player actions.

All of the games on Candystand.com are available to play for free, though the site only offers prizes to registered members. Registering with the site allows the player to submit scores and earn virtual tickets to spend in site contests. Each game includes different ticket rewards for submitting a score, with some offering special bonuses for reaching a certain score threshold. Any game operating a prize raffle includes details about the end date for entry and the announcement time for the winner.