What Kind of Games Are Available at ToonGames?


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The online games site ToonGames.com features free games inspired by different cartoon shows, such as "Transformers," "Ben 10," "Tom and Jerry," "Dora the Explorer" and "SpongeBob SquarePants," as of 2015. Many of the games do not have an official license to use the characters, but are instead created by fans.

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As the name suggests, the majority of the games on ToonGames.com take inspiration from cartoon characters, along with video game characters such as Nintendo's Mario and comic book characters such as Marvel's Spider-Man. Each game offers different controls, graphics, goals and objectives according to its theme and design. For example, the game "Transformers Prestige" features Optimus Prime from the "Transformers" franchise running though maze levels as he searches for coins and Energon cubes. The game mirrors some elements of the cartoon show, while incorporating traditional game aspects such as jumping over enemies.

The site also features various community aspects, such as forums where users can post and discuss new games on the site, the cartoon shows that the games feature and other topics not related to the site itself. Access to the forums and other community features requires creating an account with the site, but users do not need to create an account to play any of the site's games.

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