What Kind of Games Are Available on Girl Games Club?

Girl Games Club has many different games that span a wide variety of popular genres, such as adventure , cooking, time management, dress up and hidden object games. The website also hosts a variety of exclusive games featuring original characters, such as Adorable Sami and Caroline.

The adventure games category on Girl Games Club features platform-style games, like "Xnail" and "Dino Rush." These games challenge players to navigate a level by jumping and running across various platforms while avoiding enemies and collecting points and power-ups. Cooking games could involve any number of objectives, such as making the best looking and tasting ice cream or creating snacks for a pet dog. Time management games, such as "Kopibreak" and "Burger Run," are similar in that the player must create various dishes. However, as the game level progresses, the player must manage her time to make sure everyone is served to achieve the highest score.

In addition to the games above, Girl Games Club features games based around specific characters that include a number of different genres and themes. For example, games based around the character Caroline include hidden object games and adventure games. Games based around Adorable Sami include several different types of time management games, such as helping her run a nail salon or care for animals.