What Are Kids' Scavenger Hunt Lists?


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A kids' scavenger hunt list is a list of specific items that need to be found during a children's scavenger hunt. The individual or team that finds all of the items on the list first is declared the winner. There is a variation of the scavenger hunt that determines the winner based on creativity, rather than speed.

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About.com suggests a variation of the traditional kids' scavenger hunt, with children taking pictures of specific objects, rather than bringing the objects home. This allows nature to remain undisturbed, and also prevents problems if there are limited quantities of certain items available.

According to Markus Montola, a Finnish game scholar, much like the treasure hunt, the scavenger hunt evolved from folk games of ancient times. The New Yorker has stated that hostess and Hollywood gossip columnist, Elsa Maxwell, is usually given credit for making scavenger hunts popular in the United States, by holding exclusive scavenger hunt parties in New York in the 1930s.

In the opinion of About.com, a scavenger hunt and a treasure hunt differ, in that a treasure hunt is a search for treasure based on clues, whereas a scavenger hunt is a search for specific items that are clearly listed.

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