What Are Some Kids' Projects for a Simple Machine?

Some ideas for a kid's project for a simple machine are making ramps out of books and blocks, using a pulley to send a snack to a friend and using a ruler to make a lever. Some examples of simple machines are the lever, wheel and axle, inclined plane, wedge, pulley and screw.

The concepts of simple machines have been around for centuries, and the machines were created to make work easier. Easy projects help young children understand the concept of a simple machine.

Use a ramp to demonstrate an inclined plane - Children can make a simple ramp out of books and building blocks. Experiment with the incline of the ramp by adding or removing books. Roll a toy car down the ramp to compare speed versus incline.

Use a pulley system to send a snack to a friend - A simple pulley system can be made out of two empty thread spools and a long piece of string. Children can practice using the pulley by attaching a bag of chips or another snack to the string and moving it along the pulley system to a friend on the other end.

Make a lever with a ruler - By placing a plastic ruler across a marker, a child can make a simple lever. Use the lever to lift something, such as a coin, with minimal effort.