What Are Some Kids Games?

Several kids' games are Hide and Seek, Musical Chairs, and Tag. Young children learn these games from older children and occasionally from their parents. Games such as these help children develop important social skills.

In Hide and Seek, one child, called "it," counts to a certain number at home base while the other children hide. Once the child finishes counting, she looks for the hidden children while they try to make it back to home base before being tagged.

Children play Musical Chairs using one less chair than the number of participating players. The children walk among pre-placed chairs in the play area as music plays. When the music stops, the children quickly sit on the nearest empty chair, leaving one player without a chair. This player is considered to be "out" and cannot play anymore. When only one child remains, that child is declared the winner.

Tag is a very active game where one child, designated "it," runs after other children who are playing the game. If the child is able to touch another player, he or she yells "Tag, you're it!" and the child who was touched becomes "it." Tag is a game with no end game and usually ends when the children are tired of running around and out of breath.

Another type of kids' game is a video game designed for kids. Certain kid video games are educational, and others are visually and thematically appropriate.