What Kid's Games Feature a Customizable Avatar?


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"Minecraft," "Spore," "Wildstar" and "World of Warcraft" are all games that feature avatar customization and would be appropriate for most children. "Wildstar" and "World of Warcraft" both feature cartoon violence and references to alcohol, and they are relatively difficult games, so they may not be appropriate for small children. Of these examples, only "Minecraft" and "Spore" are playable offline.

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"Spore" has the most in-depth customization of these examples. "Spore" involves the creation of a creature through successive generations, and it gives players the ability to customize pretty much everything, down to the shape of the creature's body and how it walks. It is rated E, but it does take a degree of concentration, making it appropriate for most children who are out of the early childhood phase.

"Wildstar" and "World of Warcraft" both give players a lot of options to customize characters, both in character creation and by collecting items in-game. However, both these examples are popular with a wide range of people, so they may be bad options for children who don't have the level of maturity to safely interact in that space.

"Minecraft" offers both single player and online mode, both of which parents can customize. The ability to set up private servers allows parents to ensure their children are playing with friends, not strangers. Avatar customization in the game is a bit complicated though, and not nearly as robust as the other examples.

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