What Are Some Kid-Friendly Truth or Dare Questions?


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"If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?", "What super power would you most like to have?" and "What is the worst gift you've ever received?" are some kid-friendly truth or dare questions. Truth questions and dare examples are available on BirthdayPartyIdeas4Kids.com and Queen-Of-Theme-Party-Games.com.

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For a kid-friendly game of truth or dare, select questions that are age-appropriate but still slightly embarrassing to answer. Examples of this type of question include "what is the strangest dream you've ever had?", "Do you sleep with a nightlight?", "Who is your crush?" or "Have you ever broken another person's toy without telling them?"

If players being questioned decline to answer, they must perform a dare. Kid-friendly dares include appropriate and safe physical challenges. Some examples of kid-friendly physical dares include the player going outside and pouring a cup of ice water on his head, the player spinning around 10 times and then trying to walk in a straight line, or the player trying to eat a pudding cup without using his hands. The game leader may also opt to have the players perform more embarrassing dares such as singing all of her speech to the tune of "Happy Birthday" or making up a new dance move and teaching it to the group.

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