What Are Some Kid-Friendly, Online Superman Games?


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Some online, kid-friendly Superman games are "Man of Steel - Hero's Flight," "Superman Metropolis Defender," "Superman - Lego," "Superman Training Academy" and "Man of Steel - Metropolis Mayhem." Many more kid-friendly Superman games are available on HeroesArcade.com and KidsGamesHeroes.com.

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"Man of Steel - Hero's Flight," "Superman Metropolis Defender" and "Man of Steel - Metropolis Mayhem" are available on both HeroesArcade.com and KidsGamesHeroes.com, as of 2015. In "Man of Steel - Hero's Flight" players fly around as Superman while avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups. The game consists of three levels: Metropolis City, Canyon and Space. "Superman - Lego" is available on KidsGamesHeroes.com. In this game players take the role of Lego Superman and fly through Metropolis defeating villains.

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