How Do You Find Keyboard Lessons for Kids?

Find keyboard and piano lessons for kids at websites such as Hoffman Academy, Piano Lessons 4 Children and KinderBach. These sites all offer beginner lessons for children using a variety of teaching tools and media.

Hoffman Academy offers a series of free instructional videos that gradually increase in difficulty and complexity, with no prior experience required to begin the instruction. Each lesson also includes specific practice instructions and target goals to reach before moving on to the next. The site also features interactive activities, MP3 recordings and sheet music to help enhance learning.

Piano Lessons for Children offers a variety of introductory lessons mostly based around learning popular children’s song. Parents can use the site as a tool to teach children piano or allow kids to work through the lessons themselves. The introductory curriculum includes basics such as posture, names of keys, chords and simple songs. The site also offers beginner lessons on composition and music appreciation, focusing on famous classical composers.

KindBach offers classical piano instruction for children using videos. With lessons offered for computers, tablets or on DVDs, the site gives children a wide range of options for instruction. The program describes itself as “Sesame Street” for the keyboard, offering children a variety of engaging multimedia lessons that make learning piano fun.