What Is the Kerbel Space Program?


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Kerbal Space Program is a computer game, available for sale through the official website and the Steam gaming platform's Early Access program. In Kerbal Space Program, you manage a space program where you build spacecraft and attempt to travel from your home planet to areas throughout the solar system.

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Kerbal Space Program falls under the space simulation and sandbox game genres. The game allows players to build spacecraft which can be used to explore the solar system. There are no mandatory goals in the game, and the player can essentially play at his own pace.

While the player can do as much or as little as he or she wants, initially the variety of parts available to build a spacecraft is limited. Additional parts can be unlocked through researching different technologies in the game's Research and Development facility, or by completing various goals on the home planet and throughout the rest of the solar system.

Kerbal Space Program was first offered for sale on June 24, 2011. However, it only entered the beta stage of its development in December 2014, meaning that the current state of the game may not be completely representative of the eventual finished product. The game has received a positive rating from 98% of user reviews on Steam, which gives it an overall rating of "Overwhelmingly Positive" on the service.

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