What Is a Kenmore Model 158?

A Kenmore 158 is a sewing machine model manufactured by Sears under its Kenmore brand name. The 158 debuted in the 1960s and has undergone various updates over the years. As of 2014, Model 158 is no longer sold by Sears, nor are any Kenmore sewing machines offered by Sears in the United States. Sears Canada does sell other models of Kenmore sewing machines.

Sears introduced the Kenmore brand in 1927 with an automated washing machine. Recognizing a surge in American homes with electricity, Sears expanded the Kenmore brand to specialize in electric home appliances such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, can openers, mixers and just about anything useful in a domestic capacity that could be plugged into a wall socket.

Singer had already introduced the world to an electric sewing machine in 1889 and had been the leading producer of the machines for many years. While Kenmore's sales never surpassed the Singer brand, the brand enjoyed years of success and a dedicated following. During the mid to late 1900s, Kenmore also became known for its choices in bright colors for their appliances, including yellow and powder blue, and some of their sewing machines reflected that uniqueness. Shoppers looking to obtain a vintage Kenmore 158 can find them at online auctions, specialty websites and antique stores or shows.