How Do You Keep Score in Bunco?

How Do You Keep Score in Bunco?

All team members keep their own score in Bunco by keeping track of the points gained by each roll of the dices. In addition, each team designates one person to keep track of the team's points. In Bunco, plays receive one point if one rolled die has the desired number, two points if two dice have the number and 21 points if all three dice rolled have the number.

A traditional game of bunco is played with 12 people, divided among three tables of four and six teams of two. One table is designated the "head" table and sets the game's pace. The basic scoring system for Bunco is as follows:

  1. Determine number
  2. Decide which number is currently "up" for the round. For example, the 1 is commonly used as the "up" number for round one. This is the number that needs to be rolled to gain points.

  3. Collect points
  4. Players gain points when they roll the three dice. Players should score themselves one point for every one die they roll with the "up" number, two points for every two dice and 21 points for a "Bunco."

  5. Award points
  6. Whenever a player rolls three of a kind of another number, the team receives five points. The person in charge of keeping the team's score should makes sure five points are added each time.

  7. End the turn
  8. Players turns end when they do not roll at least one "up" numbers. Players should give themselves one point to end the turn.