What Are Kawaii Squishies?

Kawaii squishies are small soft foam toys that come in many different shapes and sizes. They often mimic foods and may feature licensed or original designs. Kawaii squishies often have strings or chains on them, allowing them to attach to a backpack or key chain.

Kawaii squishies originated in Japan, and the word kawaii indicates cuteness. Kawaii squishies often have images printed on them that make them look like animals or miniature versions of characters from pop culture, such as Hello Kitty and Despicable Me. This includes anime characters from Japan and animals such as panda bears or stylized tigers. The squishy feel of the toys gives them the second part of their name, and many are made from rubberized foam material that squishes easily and then reverts to its original shape.

Kawaii squishies are available from a wide selection of vendors online, including BuySquishies.com and SillySquishies.com, many of whom manufacture the toys and sell them directly to consumers. Some feature licensed characters from popular series and are available for sale in multiple countries. Some squishies take the form of miniaturized and highly realistic versions of soft foods, such as Japanese milk buns or desserts. Some manufacturers refer to these toys as cute squishies or silly squishies.