What Are Justice Points in "WoW"?

In the game "World of Warcraft," Justice Points are a type of currency earned by completing player versus environment activities, such as clearing dungeons, killing bosses and completing scenarios. Once earned, a player may exchange Justice Points for items, such as armor, weapons, trinkets and mounts.

This currency is one of two PVE currencies available in "World of Warcraft," the other being Valor Points, which are earned at higher levels of play for completing daily quests, heroic instances, heroic dungeons and heroic scenarios. Unlike Valor Points, Justice Points have no weekly limit on how much a player can earn. However, there is a total limit of 4,000 points, so players should spend their points once they reach the limit. When new game content is released, all Valor Points are converted to Justice Points, but never over the 4,000 point limit.