What Are Just Like Me Dolls?


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Just Like Me dolls have customized features to look like real people. The hair, skin and facial elements are adjusted to match the appearance of a specific, real person. The major brands that offer these dolls are American Girl and MyTwinn, but there are numerous other producers.

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AmericanGirl.com offers a line of dolls called "Truly Me," which are prefabricated in a variety of facial types, skin tones, hair styles and eye colors to match a specific child. Users select a doll with approximate features and choose accessories and personalized story items to accompany the doll.

Sites such as My Twinn offer a higher level of doll customization than American Girl. Users walk through a step-by-step process of selection to choose a doll that is custom made with the correct specifications. These dolls have options for facial features such as freckles or birth marks. If a user does not want to walk through the customization process, My Twinn has an option for a photo upload and the company makes the customized doll.

There are many online retailers that provide modifications to existing dolls to make them more lifelike and similar to a specific person. These doll customization shops also create completely new dolls based on photographs or detailed descriptions of the selected people and do so on any shape of doll, from large 22-inch dolls to smaller 8-inch and 12-inch figures.

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